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‘x-factor Usa’ 2013 Week 2 Recap: Meet The Filipino-american Who Impressed Judges At Audition [photos/video]

The Americans did not help themselves any, making too many mistakes as they pressed to stay close. Then Oracle’s shore crew made technical adjustments no one is saying just what to increase speed. On the brink of elimination, the Americans started winning. “What really gives us confidence is that we’ve really improved the boat,” Spithill said. “The boat is going fantastic.” Tuesday offered stunning proof of how the tables have turned over the last week. The first race was over before it began. The two boats bumped as they headed for the starting line, jockeying for position as if they were, indeed, NASCAR racers. Officials assessed Emirates a double penalty. “An absolute shocker,” Barker said. “We just got ourselves in a really bad spot.” The Kiwis had to pause, creating a deficit they could never make up. Oracle won by 27 seconds in a victory that would have secured the Cup had the Americans not incurred that two-race penalty. A half-hour later, in the second race, Barker positioned his boat for an early lead but it wasn’t enough. Though conditions seemed to favor Emirates with a steady wind and smooth waters, Oracle stormed back to take the lead and crossed the finish line 54 seconds ahead.


The 21-year-old was 12-6 with a 2.19 ERA and led the league with a .182 opposing batting average, ranking third among all starters with a 6.6 WAR. The standings say: Yasiel Puig, Dodgers. He nearly saved their season after his May call-up. Puig, in between visits to the Playboy mansion, is hitting .327 with a .397 on-base and .544 slugging percentage. What I say: Fernandez. When you can go 9-0 with a 1.19 ERA at home while playing for the worst team in the NL, you deserve to strut after homers, let alone victories. *** AL MANAGER OF THE YEAR What the numbers say: Boston’s John Farrell, who inherited a 93-loss team, led the Red Sox to the AL East title with 95 victories and counting. What the standings say: Any manager in the playoffs. What I say: Farrell was instrumental in resurrecting the clubhouse culture after last year’s mutiny against manager Bobby Valentine. Apologies to the Cleveland Indians’ Terry Francona. *** NL MANAGER OF THE YEAR What the numbers say: Don Mattingly, Dodgers.

Who is this person? Thats what I love the most because whoever that girl was, she came out and she made business. Wow, the new judge said of Ellona, according to Philippine local news outlet, ABS-CBN. Simon Cowell sang the same tune as Rowland. The British mogul even hinted willingness to work with the young contestant. Known for his brutality and harsh remarks to contestants, Cowell sounded soft and generous with praise for Ellona, I love this girl. You are seriously good, he said. Upon hearing what SiCo said, it was Ellonas turn to ask the head judge a question. She wanted to know if he remembers her, revealing that she already auditioned during the shows first season. It was Demis time to share her thoughts on Ellona assuring the teen contestant that she would have gotten her Yes-Vote in Season 1 had she been on the judges panel back then. Had I been here first season, you would have gotten through, Demi said. Fortunately, this year, were going to have so much fun together and youre going to say Simon youll never gonna forget about me ever, ever, ever again. I think youve made this easy. I say yes. Having earned thumbs up from the judges on week 2 of the X-Factor USA Season 3, Ellona vowed not to waste the opportunity.

TheGrill: USA Today Publisher – Newspapers Must Be Conversation-Starters in the Digital Age

Its more of a conversation-starter. To that goal, Kramer said his paper haslately urged its journalists to express their voice to appeal to digital readers. We are encouraging our writers to be more expressive and have a unique voice, Kramer said, adding that readers in the digital age are more interested in the people delivering their information to them than past audiences were. Also read: TheGrill: Bill Maher on Why Hell Never Win an Emmy Not If Youre Gonna Be the Brave One Jonathan Alcorn In addition, Kramer said, USA Today is emphasizing the importance of discovery for its readers that is, presenting something that the readers didnt necessarily know they were interested before reading a story, as opposed to giving them what theyre already looking for, which has been a driving force of the internet news model. I dont have the automotive industry or the plastic industry in my top 10 list of interesting topics, Kramer said by way of example. However, if he saw a story about a car manufacturer that decided to build its cars out of all plastics, it would likely grab his attention. The discovery element is also crucial to the advertising end of journalism, Kramer said during the panel, Regimagining the Newsroom and to that point, he insisted, the advantage goes to the print media. Also read: TheGrill: FXs John Landgraf on a la Carte Cables Threat to Hollywoods Creativity, Breaking Bad Regrets One of the reasons print advertising still survives is that print is one of the best discovery mediums; its easy to turn a page, Kramer noted, saying that print ads offer advertisers a big tableau to hawk its wares with. Kramer, who said that USA Today grew its print advertising revenue last year, noted that were still at a point where the advertising dollars for us we make more per reader in print than we do on the web, estimating that USA Today takes in about five times per print reader than it does per digital reader. Were gradually building advertising revenue with digital, but were not there yet, he noted, adding that,in general,were seeing a resurgence in effective print advertising. Also read: TheGrill: Online Giant Break Medias Next Move Tentpole Projects for TV (Video) Still, the digital advertising model must be addressed a challenging process, Kramer conceded, especially since readers continue to switch the devices they tend to get their news from. While last year saw readers excited about tablets, this year has been about mobile devices. While advertisers tend to be excited about tablets, Kramer said, your mobile device has really become your breaking news device advertising is even further behind there. Kramer also acknowledged that the prospect of a paywall for USA Today is likey in the cards. I think eventually we do have to have the ability to charge people its really important to the business model. Logic would dictate that [a paywall is] where we need to go.