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Movies Releasing This Friday: Prague, Warning And Super Model

A party and classic-car rally is planned for Oct. 5. By next year, the Hollywood studios will stop sending canisters of film to theaters, so without expensive digital projectors to show movies on hard drives, many independent exhibitors will go out of business. The digital transition has been especially hard on North America’s 400 drive-ins. Projecting an image onto a large drive-in screen requires a high-powered machine that could cost $80,000–a big investment for a seasonal business. This summer, Honda sponsored Project Drive-In as a promotional tie-in with the upcoming movie “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.” It awarded digital projectors to the top five drive-ins in a national poll. Although the humble Starlite did not make the cut in the initial voting, Honda extended the offer to four more facilities, and today the Starlite got the joyous news. The other recipients include first-round winners in Saco, Maine.; Honor, Mich.; Graham, Tex.; McHenry, Ill. and Newburg, Ore.; and second-round winners in Elizabethtown, Tenn., Monetta, S.C. and Ocala, Fla. This means that the four nearest drive-ins to St. Louis–the Starlite, the Skyview in Belleville, the Skyview in Litchfield, Ill. and the 19 in Cuba, Mo.–will be digital in 2014. Nationwide, hundreds of small-town drive-ins face closure at the end of this season; but for St.

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The Box-office will witness Prague, a psychological drama and Warning, which has been described as a survival film. Apart from these two, we also have two other movies which are titled as Super Model and Maazii. A source tells us that all the movies releasing this Friday are small to medium budget films. The number of screens per film won’t be more than 500-600. Also, the budget for each film will range from Rs.8 to Rs.10 crores. The release date of Prague has been changed thrice and we will finally get to see the movie releasing in the big screens on September 28. This movie is directed by Ashish R Shukhla and produced by Rohit Khaitan. We all expected the film to hit the theatres on September 6 but then it was pushed further as it did not want to clash with biggies like Zanjeer and Shuddh Desi Romance. On the other hand we have Warning which falls under the thriller genre. The trailers and the makers say that majority of this movie has been shot under water. This film is directed by Gurmmeet Singh. We know you would like to see pictures, trailers and brief details on all these movies. So we have put down a slide show which will help you decide on which movie to watch this weekend.

Home Movies: Iron Man 3 lacks emotional punch

But when Anna goes back to her home with Joy to fetch her safety whistle, both of them disappear without a trace and their families begin a desperate search to find them before it is too late. The only suspect in the case is Alex Jones (Paul Dano), a man with the IQ of a 10-year old, whose RV Anna and Joy were playing around earlier in the day. When the police, and especially Detective Loki ( Jake Gyllenhaal ), are not able to get any answers from Alex as to where the girls might be, they are forced to let him go for lack of evidence. Keller, however, becomes convinced that Alex does know of their location, and he becomes frighteningly determined to make Alex tell him where. Suffice to say, some moral boundaries are definitely crossed. It should be no surprise that Hugh Jackman gives a seriously intense performance as a father obsessed with finding his child as we have gotten used to him playing the Wolverine in all those X-Men movies. But as furious as he got in The Wolverine this past summer, Jackman seems even more frightening here as he loses his moral perspective while desperately looking for answers. Just watch him as he bashes a bathroom sink with a simple hammer. Jake Gyllenhaal also gives one of his best performances to date as Detective Loki, a man equally obsessed with getting the girls back even as he struggles with an uneasiness that will not let him be. What I especially like about Gyllenhaal here is how he implies certain things about this character without ever having to spell it out for the audience. Loki is a man with a troubled past who has his own demons to fight, and while we dont always know what those demons are, this allows Gyllenhaal to add another layer to his character that makes for one of his complex performances yet. Terrence Howard, who gave a terrific performance in this years little seen Dead Man Down , gives another one here as the other father searching for a daughter. Its interesting to see him go from playing an intimidating crime lord to a helpless dad who finds himself in a morally dubious position when he is presented with a way of getting the answers he so desperately wants. Howard is great at showing how helplessly conflicted his character is, and he makes you feel his inescapable pain and confusion as he is forced to go down a path he knows is not the right one to take. Kudos also goes out to the two actresses, Maria Bello and Viola Davis, who play the wives to Jackman and Howard.

‘Prisoners’ generates enough tension for two movies (Video)

Because the movie tries to camouflage the inherent sexism through emotional device a not to mention cheap star filters to diffuse the light a it feels like manipulative propaganda. Special features include commentary and more. NIRVANA: LIVE AND LOUD: Three stars out of five a The ghost of Kurt Cobain may not be happy about the apparent cash grab, but he can at least take pride in the show. Live and Loud is a complete record of Nirvanaas 1993 show at Seattleas Pier 48, fleshed out with new concert footage sampled from other gigs on the same tour. Itas complete with new bonus material, and thereas no doubt this cut-for-cash doc features the band at its grungiest best and offers those who never got a chance to see them live a close approximation of the real deal. With its track listing that includes Lithium, Drain You, Heart-Shaped Box and Come As You Are, you get the grit a but not the hit. If youare craving some Teen Spirit, youall have to smell it out elsewhere. The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collectoras Edition a Four stars out of five a Huh? Another Dark Knight Trilogy? Yep. Even though the studio released a boxed set last year that contained all three Dark Knight movies, this one is different: Itas the aultimatea collectoras edition, and it includes new featurettes: The Fire Rises, Christopher Nolan and Richard Donner in Conversation, and IMAX Sequences.

Movies that changed B.C.’s film world

What it accomplished: The movie was a big production and proved Vancouver could handle a large studio picture, as well as A-list talent. Foster’s performance won her an Oscar, and somehow gave the town a hint of latter-day glam a as well as give Terry David Mulligan and other local celebs their Hollywood close-up. a Kissed (1996) a Lynne Stopkewich took a short story by Barbara Gowdy and tackled the last frontier of taboo: necrophilia. Selling sex with dead bodies is always a tough pitch, but brilliant direction and solid acting from the cast that included Molly Parker, Peter Outerbridge and Jay Brazeau managed to overcome the ickiness of the theme and deliver a memorable and entirely surreal drama. What it accomplished: The movie made waves in the independent film community all over the world, and clearly set Vancouver apart from its Toronto anglo cousin. Molly Parker won the Genie for best performance, and soon made the leap South, where she continues to work in leading TV serials, including a new recurring role in the death-themed Dexter. a Air Bud (1997) a Vancouver is now home to a lot of kid movies, and if you ever wondered why, you need look no further than this original Air Bud. The story of a boy and a very special dog capable of shooting hoop, Air Bud launched an entire sub-industry in the city a as well as melt hearts around the world, thanks to its tender depiction of kid angst. What it accomplished: Air Bud marched to the top of the Canadian box office, winning the Golden Reel award (for best gross) at the Genies, and received a significant U.S. release through Disney. It also earned Kevin Zegers a Hollywood career, and former actor Charles Martin Smith a great reputation for directing kids and animals a which he proves once more with the new movie, Dolphin Tale.