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More Team Canada Leaks: Recoil In Horror At The Black Third Jersey (photo)

Somali jihadists recruit in U.S., Canada, Europe

It’s way more fun. It wasn’t perfect, of course, but it didn’t make me want to vomit in terror. The black third jersey, however, absolutely does. Via Reddit Hockey , this is the worst thing I’ve seen this week, and I watched the Dexter finale: View gallery . What. The Hell. Is that. According to the Redditor that uploaded the photo , these three jerseys just came into his store, so it seems safe to assume — just as it seemed safe when we saw a dour Jonathan Toews wearing the one on the left — that these are the official duds Canada will be sporting. And thus, I am filled with a great shame for our home and native land. The red one is still the best, and I think even those that hated it from the outset can agree that it looks better when juxtaposed with that monstrosity on the other side of the white one. Holy Lord. I was originally glad that the red jersey had no black.

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