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12 Summer Movies That Smashed Expectations

20 Movies I’m Most Excited to see this Fall – Part 2

Hello fall and movies for adults! There was a time when the summer used to be my most anticipated movie-going season of the year. I used to sit up late, compiling stupid lists of my most anticipated movies of the summer. I used to run out and buy all the summer movie preview magazine issues. I even played box office games with friends. Eventually, when I started writing for film, I tried to ensure that my summer movie preview stories were the ones that received the most hits because, you know, it the biggest movie season of the year. But as Ive gotten older, things have gradually changed. I find myself more interested in seeking out the serious, dark, and prestige pictures instead of the fluffy explosion-fest crowd-pleasers. I find myself more excited for a three hour mood piece made by a Danish director starring the fourth lead in The Dark Knight instead of the latest J.J. Abrams blockbuster. Maybe its because Im getting older or maybe its just that my tastes are maturing. Perhaps its just that Ive grown weary of watching the same narrative play itself out over and over and over again. I mean, theres only so many times one can watch two robots blow each other to smithereens. Anyway with that out of the way, this fall offers a dazzling array of films to choose from. Along with the usual crop of Oscar contenders, there are also flashy genre pictures from some of the most respected art house auteurs in the world.

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Aided by the soundtrack from Leonard Cohen, the film found an oddly Canadian angle, even though it was a U.S. production. What it accomplished: The city earned a place on the Hollywood map, thanks to the film’s success and stunning scenery. a The Grey Fox (1982) a Phillip Borsos directed a beautiful film about an old train robber who is released from jail, and relapses because he can’t do anything else. The film gave former stuntman Richard Farnsworth a memorable showcase, and proved what you can do with a few looks and little dialogue. What it accomplished: The film won almost every Genie under the sun, and earned two Golden Globe nominations, including one for Farnsworth as best actor. Because it was a Canadian movie that hit the American radar, it established a precedent for B.C.-made films making it abroad a and set Vancouver apart as a filmmaking centre on its own terms. a My American Cousin (1985) a Sandy Wilson’s coming-of-age story brought narrative home to B.C., as it explored notions of identity through myriad means, from the standard coming-of-age tale to the grand Canadian-American divide, all set against the supernatural backdrop of the B.C. Interior. What it accomplished: In addition to winning every major Genie Award that year, it made Toronto take notice of what was happening in the West a with a woman at the helm, to boot. a The Accused (1988) a When Jodie Foster and Kelly McGillis rolled into town to make this drama about a rape victim who gets her day in court, the entire city was atwitter. In fact, you may be able to hear a tale or two to this day if you stumble into the right people. What it accomplished: The movie was a big production and proved Vancouver could handle a large studio picture, as well as A-list talent. Foster’s performance won her an Oscar, and somehow gave the town a hint of latter-day glam a as well as give Terry David Mulligan and other local celebs their Hollywood close-up.

This list is made up of the movies that surprised and exceeded expectations. Other notable films includeDisney Toons film ” Planes ” an obvious spinoff of Pixar’s “Cars” earned $139 million worldwide when it only cost an estimated $50 million. Seth Rogen’s ” This is the End ” grossed $118 million on an estimated $32 million budget. “Monsters University” doesn’t appear on this list, because the film was expected to follow the Pixar streak of success.The “Monsters Inc.” prequel had the second-largest opening of any Pixar movie ever behind 2010’s “Toy Story 3 .” There was no surprise that “Iron Man 3” fared well at theaters, but it wasn’t expected to have the second-highest opening weekend of all time . 12. “Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain” (Lionsgate / Summit) Release date:July 3 Opening weekend:$10 million Worldwide gross:$32.2 million 11. “Instructions Not Included” (Lionsgate) Release date:August 30 (September 6, wide release) Estimated budget:$5 million Opening weekend:$7.8 million Worldwide gross:$28.3 million Chances are you never heard about this Spanish indie dramedy.While the end of summer was extremely slow, no one was talking about the film that followsa former Mexican playboy raising his daughter by himself. “Instructions” grossed $7.8 million its first weekend from only 348 theaters . During its wide release the following weekend, the film nearly beat out “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” to take the second spot atop the box-office top ten. (Source: IMDB pro / Box Office Mojo ) 10. “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” (The Weinstein Company) Release date:August 16 Opening weekend:$24.6 million Worldwide gross:$104.8 million A silly name change didn’t hurt Lee Daniels’ film. Warner Bros. made a big stink over the rights to the title “The Butler” (they have a 1916 short by the same name) resulting in a long, exhaustive change .But if anything, the complaintproduced more media hype for Weinstein’s film and probably helped ticket sales. TWC made a smart decision to move this film up from an initial October release to August when the box office is otherwise sluggish.

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He was speaking Tuesday at the four-day centenary celebrations of Indian Cinema, organised by the government of Tamil Nadu and South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce. Mukherjee said that cinema is a popular and powerful medium of communication. The number of cinegoers in country is very large. It is, therefore, essential to strike a balance between entertainment and social responsibility of this medium, said a statement. President Pranab Mukherjee called upon the film industry to make movies that contribute to social transformation. “The recent incidents of crime against women and children have shaken the conscience of the nation. We have also been witness to tragic communal riots in some parts of our country recently. We must find ways to reverse the erosion of our values,” said Mukherjee, who honoured 41 legends from various film industries at the event. “Cinema can and must play a role in resetting the moral compass of the nation. It is the responsibility of everyone associated with the film industry to use the powerful medium of cinema to portray our positive societal values for building a tolerant and harmonious India,” he said.