Your date with a London escort

It is good to be prepared about what to expect when you have a date with a London escort. It is great courtesy on your part to arrive ahead of time about fifteen minutes or so. Getting the destination correct is important too. The last thing you want to find out is that you have arrived at the wrong place.  Confirm your date twice. Get the time right as well. Welcome your London escort and be the real gentleman in all ways possible.  Help her sit down by pulling out her chair. Help her off with her coat. Ask her about her journey. Order her favourite drink.  Make eye contact and compliment her on her looks.  Escorts in London make a great effort to dress up well and look as attractive as possible.

Light and easy conversation which is not too personal should put you both at ease. Make a conscious effort to listen to what she has to say as well.  Avoid drinking too much especially if you will be driving.
Pay your London escort at the right time

When your London escort arrives the first thing she will expect is her payment.. This is often pre agreed upon.  Make sure to find out from the agency or from online profiles.  The rates are carefully stated and the escorts usually count their money first.  The money is given to them in a white envelope. It can be marked gift. It is never handed over straight to the escort.  It is usually placed on the table or by the sink in the bathroom if you are meeting her straight in a hotel room.

Your London escort will also make a call to the London escorts agency to let them know of her safe arrival. This is important for both your and your London escorts safety.

Some escorts in London also have their own hotel rooms or apartments where you can go for their services. Some escorts love to get pampered and given loads of attention, but so do clients.  The arrangement works well if both parties play their part well. A LondonsLeadingLadies escort in London is greatly experienced in putting nervous clients at ease quickly with their down to earth highly polite manner. Most of the London escort clients can expect to get drawn into gentle conversation and asked about their requirements for the evening.  London Escorts are trained to keep this knowledge secret. They keep all important knowledge confidentially. They are offered training by the agency which also takes responsibility about their well being. An escort will be required to call the agency and let them know about their safe arrival at the client’s destination.  This could be their private house or a hotel room.


Home entertain your London escort

If you are single, have a nice house and can cook very well then you can home entertain your London escort. Escorts love to visit high class clients who will pamper them up thoroughly.  Freshening up your place with a bit of cleaning and dusting will get it ready for a romantic private date.

A well cooked dinner will impress your escort.  You could decide to include soft music which will put you both into the mood.  Make sure you don’t get any interruptions which might spoil your enjoyment.